Christina Lundström

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Here you can read about my work as an iconographer,

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Upcoming projects and news will be shared on the website. There is now a small online store where you can order; among other things, icons, reproductions, postcards, brochures, posters, calendars and travel altars. I will also post a page with information about upcoming courses with an opportunity to sign up. Hope you will enjoy being on my website.

My new calendar in progress. Passion Calendar -

Via Dolorosa-Smärtansväg.

Now you can order the Passion Calendar, Via Dolorosa for Easter! You can make an order here on my website. Click on the invitation and you will be taken to my contacts, where you can order the calendar. The Passion Calendar is sent out during the 11th week before the Passion Season begins.

Today, August 15, Maria is celebrated around the world. It is the celebration of Maria falling asleep for the last time. In Greece, where I lived during my studies, it is a holiday that is celebrated as much as Christmas. All stores are closed and Maria's divine birthday is celebrated in a big way. This summer I have painted many different Maria motifs, partly for my new Passion calendar Korsvägen and illustrations for a new book by Martin Lonnebo. In the part of the Passion Calendar, Maria's falling asleep. The resurrected Christ comes down to earth and takes Maria's soul, which the little child in his hand symbolizes.

Now you can see the Creation triptych in Gävle Helgatefaldiget church. The theme of Creation Time 2022 is "Listen to the Voice of Creation". Creation time 2022 (September 1 - October 4). Creation Time is a collaborative initiative in which churches and denominations around the world demonstrate the importance of raising questions about our relationship with creation in ministry.

The Passion Calendar - Way of the Cross

Now the front of my (Easter) calendar is ready. My big summer project was so much fun! Some icons for the closings need to be finished, currently, I'm on the go. Soon the music school starts and the violin students are back. Music and art, I feel so privileged.

My triptychs

The Lutheran triptych, the Birgitta triptych and the triptych of Creation

are wandering triptychs.

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The triptychs are also available as postcards
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The triptych of creation is also available as a travel altar!

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Exhibitions 2022

Creation triptych

Gävle Helgatrefaldighetskyrka 29/8-18/9

Ljusdalskyrka 17/12

Västerås domkyrka, 25/4–22/5

The Advent icons

Årsta kyrka. Stockholm 31/10 - 27/11 - 22

Exhibitions 2023

Tyska kyrkan S:t Geterud, Stockholm 20/3-16/4

Creation triptych

Gävle Helgatrefaldighetskyrka 29/8-18/9

Västerås domkyrka 25/4-22/5 - 22

Ljusdalskyrka 17/12

Strängnäs domkyrka 4/10-21/11

Vernissage söndag 10 oktober kl 12.30

Vid vernissagen medverkar Christina Lundström.

Skapelsens triptyk i Tyresö kyrka 30/8-3/10 2021

Birgitta triptych

Oscars församling/kyrka, 20/9–10/10

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Saint Francis - Nativity scene

Finns att beskåda i Årsta Enskede kyrka i Stockholm.

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Advent calendar of this year

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Postcards and reproductions

Many of the motifs you can see here on the website are available also as postcards and reproductions.

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