About me

I started painting icons under the direction of Father Johannes Deurloo from 1979 to 1981. My interest in this art form was awoken when I finished my music education in Stockholm.

In 1981, I applied to the Athens School of Fine Arts as a student of Professor Konstantinos G. Xynopoulos in Byzantine icon painting. The education took two years, but firstly I had to study as a private student for a year and learn ancient Greek before I could follow the regular teaching.

When I came home to Sweden, I studied art history at Uppsala University. At the same time, I led courses in icon painting, including at Mariadöttrarna in Vallby outside Enköping. Mariadöttrarna live monastic life within the Church of Sweden.

Åkerby chapel

The chapel is located next to the beautiful Åkerby church. Here I live, have my studio and music school.
I am happy to receive groups or individuals for study visits. I give a short lecture on the history of the icon and also a short demonstration of how to paint icons.
Groups of up to 30 people can be accommodated.
If you wish I can serve coffee/tea and homemade buns by pre-order.

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